[UW Photo A039] : Adding the “human factor”

I am very reluctant to add “humans” to a photograph taken beneath the sea. It gives me the feeling of blending the nature with artificial elements. Anyway, taking a photo with a man (i.e. Diver) is the only way of giving an idea about the size of an object in underwater photography. In that respect, there is no alternative. This technique is ideally used in capturing ship wrecks, where size matters. Here I have done the same in this image.  I waited till other two divers of my team go closer to the right position. Ship wrecks are also well-illustrated in black and white view.

This is famous Conch wreck in Hikkaduwa (Close to Akurala). Arthur C. Clarke and Mike Wilson have explored this wreck in their heydays of explorations.

Anyway, please note that I have used a wide angle lens so the objects get smaller when deviating from the center. In fact, divers are shown very small.


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