[UW Photo A058] Stonefish

This is one of the most venomous fishes found in the world. Usually, injecting of venom occur through their needle like dorsal fins if accidently step on it. Its quite possible, since its camouflage body is very hard to identify by someone walk in the coast or a casual swimmer. This strong venom is produced in a gland located in the base of the dorsal fins. Anyway, this fish doesn't attack you.

Aboriginal people in the northern parts of Australia had known how to cure this venom and also they have had the knowledge how to prepare this fish as a food, carefully avoiding the venom.

I captured this image in Steve’s Bommie  of Ribbon Reef 3 of northern Great Barrier Reef. This site has been named to commemorate enthusiastic diver Steve who said to have died in a motorcycle accident (there are different other stories also). Still his name appears in a plaque beneath 25m below, which were placed by his friends. Anyway, Steve’s Bommie is one of the best dive sites in Great Barrier Reef.


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