[UW Photo A085] Floating forest of Homebush Bay

This is the SS Ayrfield Ship wreck in Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia. This is one of the most photogenic wrecks with trees grown on it.

Technically, I am not sure if this can be called an underwater photo since we cant see any underwater part in the composition. Still, this is taken with split level UW photo technique to capture the mirror effect in detail. What this really means is actually, camera lens is submerged in the water using a Dome port. Since water is so dark and murky, we don't get the underwater part but complete reflection. Whatever we call, this is an experimental shot.

Also it should be noted that the water is contaminated and no one is allowed to swim or dive there (not even fishing), so everything was done while staying in the banks of the river.

(Special thanks goes to Nilhan Uduwarage for his help and support in this photo shoot)


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