[UW Photo A052] Aesthetic value

I am always thinking of the aesthetic value of an underwater photo. Usually, there is lack of interest in that department because the trend is more towards identifying some scientific value. It’s more into exploring the details of ecosystem, diversity and challenging subjects.

Now this is an attempt of shooting something with and artistic arrangements. This was captured in the last dive of the day, late evening, in far north of Great Barrier Reef. Sun is going down, light is pale and most of the divers have left to the boat leaving the reef to its own character. Water is becoming colder and pushing us back to our own civilisation. May be the glittering “sun ball” is the civilization. Diver is heading that way. The unicorn fish in the image contrasts with the isolation and mystery.  So this photo has a story, which I felt in that moment.

That particular fraction of time is just a memory in my life. This photo itself is having a link to that fraction.

And that’s the story of this photo to me…. for you it could be different.


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