[UW Photo A053] A winning pic

This got first place in an ‘’armature” competition conducted by Mike Ball Expeditions after four days programme of shooting underwater in north of Great Barrier Reef. There were 21 divers/underwater photographers from many countries.

Team and winning photos;

Still, I am not fully satisfied about this image. If you see the enlarged version, you can see some white spots which are bitter evidence of back scattered light. In a way, it makes me realised, strobe positions are not the optimum which I have used.

I personally think, photo selected to the second place is a much better one. It was taken by Donna Hampton (USA). I was down there, when she was shooting this sea snake. It was a difficult exercise when consider the fast movement of the creature. In fact, I told Donna about my honest opinion.

Anyway, which makes me thrilled is, photos were judged by an acclaimed and world class underwater photographer, Julia Summerling. She has done wonderful work for National Geographic and Discovery channels and etc., including shooting Blue whales in Sri Lanka.


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